Good News (I Guess) and Bad News

The good news is yesterday Gigi rescued a black and white border collie from the pound. He is a polite older fellow that will not walk on linoleum. He had a tag that had the name “Duke” and an out of service phone number.

Gigi picked up Duke, gave him a bath and trimmed his nails. She plans to take Duke to the vet today to have him checked out.

Gigi has assured me that she will find Duke a home, perhaps at her mothers.

Now for the bad news. My childhood border collie dog Dody has held the record since 1962 for most shits in a single night…. 19. My sisters can verify this number. We still laugh about the devastation and cleanup at holiday gatherings.

Since Dody was a puppy each sibling shared in care and cleaning of the new puppy. This was supposed to teach us some life lesson. My older sister Etta woke up early mad as heck and left us a note with the official count of 19 piles. Being the good older sister she took the lions share and went the extra pile and cleaned up 9. Judy and I split the rest at 6 each.

I’m sad to report that Dody’s old record was broken last night by Duke. 44 years she held that record.


Anonymous said...

Oh, My!!! Where was Duke spending the night?? Inside? At least Dody's were on the deck if my memory is correct. I hope the vet can make him all better. I bet he is a good dog.