What a Difference a Week Makes

Last week I knew Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) was secure in his manhood. In fact he played the part of a womanizer on his latest show bla, bla, bla whatever. It’s some long title that I can’t remember right now. Then Doodie comes out and says he’s gay. I didn’t need to know that. It ruins in my mind the character of the womanizer. I guess he’s still secure in his manhood, whatever. Good for you Doogie, I guess.

But….I knew Britney Spears was blissfully married to some do-good white rapper happy fellow. Heck they had just had a litter of children. Now she announces she is getting a divorce. What?

And last week the Republicans were blissfully in control of our government with President Bush first, Dick Chaney as backup, and the speaker of the house who is some fat old white guy as his backup. Now the third backup is a skinny little liberal democrat woman from California. Oh dear. That is scary to me. Chaney’s ticker could go at any moment from a shock like having to take office as President if something happened to President Bush, and then we are stuck with a liberal democrat as President.

And further, I only had three border collies last week and now I have 25% more.

I’m going to lie down.


Logzie said...

I couldn't agree with you more on all 3 counts!

Our Democrat govenor was RE-elected also...when it comes to voting...only Detroit matters...they have such a high concentration of people and most of them are Democrats so pretty much the rest of the state has no say...or so it feels anyway!