Produce Accelerator

This was a throw away day for me. I was tired from the game last night. I could barely get through my workout this afternoon.

I have a new interest in produce acceleration. Ty made a produce accelerator a few weeks ago and demonstrated it for me on Monday in the parking lot of our office. It was quite exciting so I am determined to make my own produce accelerator.

I am done for the day.


Logzie said...

What's a "Produce Accelerator"?

Ali said...

Um, am I just being dumb? I don't think I know what a produce accelerator is.
In my mind I'm picturing some sort of really complicated machine that causes baby carrots and corn to grow into huge vegetables in seconds.
Am I close?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh good. I was hoping to get a few bites on my bait. A produce accelerator is a fancy term for a potato cannon. Yes, all men are boys at heart. When I saw Ty shoot his potato cannon I knew that I must have one myself. Think of the fun I'll have hurling produce 200 yards. Details and photos will follow of course.

Logzie said...

My husband and his old friends used to 'play' with those too! They called them Potatoe Launchers.

Yes, all men really are boys at heart...we were at Toys R Us the other day and Chuck found a ton of 'toys' he wanted for Christmas...he was worse than Logan!

Can't wait for the pictures...I will show them to Chuck and I bet he will want to make one again!

MELackey said...

aw, man, you gave the answer before I could typein. I was thinking "spud gun" when I read it.

Of course, I'm a guy. It's our job to know these things...