Chapter 308 - Election Day

MIDLAND, NC - It’s Election Day in the US. I’ll go vote this morning for the guys who steal the least of my money. When you steal my money under the threat of prison then you are stealing the fruits of my labor. Working for no pay under the threat of prison is slavery.

Now you know how I feel about taxes and the redistribution of wealth. My money is not your money, its not the governments money, and its not a foreign governments money. But I forcefully give my money to the government under the threat of prison. Sounds like the mob doesn’t it? It is like the mob in a way.

You see I don’t hand over my money in an envelope like on the Sopranos; I do once a quarter hand over under the threat of prison a huge sum of money to the state of North Carolina, the federal government, and to the pensioners on social security and Medicare. Guess what? Because I am an employer I get to pay double for me and my employee.

Do I do this out of the goodness of my heart? No. I do not want to go to a federal lock down with Richard Hatch until I get my mind right.

I give money freely to people in need and to the Glory of God. I give money freely to the common defense of my nation. All other money taken is slavery.

So I vote for the guy who promises to steal the least of my money.

Now go vote early and often.