Southport and Such

Blogdate Friday, November 23, 2006

I shall endeavor to blog even though I no longer have an Internet connection.

I am in deepest darkest North Carolina as you can go in the town of Southport. Southport is famous for two things; one is this is the only place on Earth where Venus Fly Traps grow naturally. Remember those little plants with the hairy open clam leaves? A fly would land in there and “whap” the plant would digest the fly. Venus Fly traps grow in the nearby swamp area. Two, the legendary Black Beard the pirate hung around these waters a lot in his time.

Other than that Southport remains a quaint sleepy village with boardwalks and marinas.

Oh! I remember one other thing Southport is famous for, no two more. Remember the movie Cape Fear? The Cape Fear River dumps out right here on the water front. And remember that show Matlock? It was filmed here and in Willington. We used to see the film crews and studio trailers when we visited before. Oh heck I remember another famous thing about Southport, Weekend at Birney’s was filmed here too. Needless to say the area has a thriving little East Coast film industry. A lot of the “made for TV” movies come out of the area.

So we are at the only RV Park in the area directly across from a Super Wal-Mart. It is a nice little RV park and we know the owners from years of coming down here. Most of the people here live full time in their RV and some work at the nearby Brunswick Nuclear Power Station. Others are retired and find the RV lifestyle comfortable and affordable.

Last night we headed over to the MILs house for Thanksgiving dinner. After about 30 minutes I notice my breathing was getting labored. Oh heck, an asthma attack is rearing its ugly head. So I go to a quiet place to try and head this off. My inhaler is 40 minutes away and every store is closed for the holiday.

I should have known better, she has three cats that live in the house and I get a reaction from short haired cats.

So as the evening pressed on and dinner was delayed hour after hour I sat outside on a porch swing in 45 degree weather and sipped wine and my breathing got much better. Eventually dinner approached and the MIL decided I need a Benadril to help my breathing. I took two and continued on with my turkey, wine and drugs. Foolishly I had set myself up for the perfect storm for sleep. By the time we got home (Gigi drove) it was very late and I was very sleepy. I snoozed in until 9:30 and was very refreshed and had a very clear nose.

Blogdate Friday, November 24, 2006

Today is my anniversary. We’ve been married for 27 years. That is a big deal in today’s world. I am thankful that I had good male role models when I grew up and I am thankful that I learned from them. My father and grandfather were always kind and respectful to their wives and they remained married to the same woman. I try to do the same.

Gigi and Cedie are both sick this morning. Both have been throwing up and look run down. Either Gigi has the dog flu or Cedie has the people flu.

I’m dying to head over to Wal-Mart and pick up a bag of potatoes and some carburetor cleaner for a propellant. I think the gun is about ready to fire.


Logzie said...

Happy Anniversary Reggie!! Wow...27 years is something to be proud of! Congrats!!

Hope Gigi is feeling better real soon...Chuck and I both got strep throat on Thanksgiving day...yuck!

Ali said...

1. The venus fly trap thing is cool, I would love to have one of those.
2. You silly man, why did you leave your inhaler so far away when you knew there would be cats around?
3. Have lots of fun with your potato gun, you should take a few pictures.
4. Congratulations to both you and Gigi on 27 years of marriage, you're right, it's a big deal nowadays and I wish you many more happy years to come.
5. Since it IS your anniversary, maybe you should pick up something at that Super Walmart to make Gigi feel better too.
6. Have a great rest of the holiday weekend and a safe trip home.