You Guys

What a wonderful day! My teams won, and my adversarial teams lost in NFL football yesterday. Plus it is a holiday week and I will be hardly working after Tuesday.

We are heading down to the coast of North Carolina to a little town called Southport. It is the only place now in the area where we can take our RV. We plan to have Thursdays Thanksgiving meal at the nearby Island of Oak Island with Gigi’s family.

This will be Duke’s first RV trip. So think of us on Wednesday when I am towing a 32 foot travel trailer with me and two dogs in the front seat and two dogs and Gigi in the back seat and Boscoe the parrot on my headrest driving four hours to the coast. I think we are insane sometimes.

In other news, my potato cannon, err ah food accelerator has been completely assembled and is waiting to be glued together. I hope I can fire a few rounds into the Atlantic Ocean the weekend. Pictures and maybe videos to follow.

What else…….oh, no…I already told you my team won. I guess that is it for now. Stay warm and have a great day.

Oh yeah, I remember. Judy and I enjoyed talk about all you guys on Saturday, Zig, Ali, Teresa, Alyssa, Ali Kat, etc. We sounded like a couple of old hens talking about a soap opera or something.


Ali Kat said...

You're funny! Good to hear we're of some importance to you. I had a friend who had a potato gun at the lake. He shot it and it went smack dab into a tree trunk. Knocked the bark off and left a huge mark (it's still there from 3 years ago). It was hilarious!!

Logzie said...

Hey Reg-sometimes it IS a soap opera! :-)

mr. thiessen said...

ha! no wonder my ears were ringing that day! - and I thought I was coming down with something! hehe