Time Wasters

I stopped by the local Hess station on the way home yesterday to fill up the fuel tank. I hate pumping fuel. It’s a colossal mindless waste of time that you will never get back, all the while waiting for a pump to transfer fuel from one tank to anotherto its final destination. Shouldn’t there be a business that would ride around topping off your tank for you? Let them get paid for their time. In turn I work for free for the gas station.

Oh I try to make the best of it. I walk around my truck looking at the tires and such. I clean out and trash accumulated in the cab. I may even wash the windshield. I’ll look at the pump and its still pumping. I have a 36 gallon tank.

It’s kind of like waiting for the computer to boot up. How much time have we all wasted on that? Not enough time do much else but enough time wasted twice a day.

In the morning I start my computer at work and run and make toast with orange marmalade and pour a cup of coffee. Usually the computer is finished by then. I have a lot of programs running in the startup so mine takes a while.