Hello World!

I am in Asheville, NC. Asheville is a lovely mountain city in North Carolina home of the Biltmore Estate, the writer Thomas Wolfe, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Downtown Asheville is a throwback to the 1960’s with loads sheepish little hippies in torn clothing standing around everywhere. For some reason Asheville attracts a large population of gays downtown as well.

The buildings are unique. There was a huge surge of growth here in the 1920’s and then the Great Depression stifled growth for the next half century. So you’ll find well preserved business districts from the 20’s and buildings with gargoyles on the roof overlooking the city.

I had some clients to visit here and Gigi had expressed and interest in going with me so I book a room at the Renaissance Hotel. Gigi loves to shop at some at the unique business downtown. Well she bagged her end of the deal and I wasn’t about to loose a $150 room since it was too late to cancel. So I checked in after my business and was surprised to find that the whole town has free wireless Internet. Very cool since I am spending a large amount of time rebuilding my new PC.

I bought the mother of all PCs the other day. I am discovering new stuff on the monster every day. There are so many slots and buttons still yet to discover. Here’s what I know. It comes with Intel Dual Core 2 processors with 2 GB of memory and 300 GB hard drive with an HD TV Tuner with HDMI slot, a laser etching thing on the cd burner, bla, bla, bal. Needless to say it slick as slobber and fast as a cheetah.

So now I spend my free time trying to get all the crap off of the new PC like free AOL and other useless software and I am restoring my backups which never actually restore the way you had it so now I’m tweaking everything. None of my old email filters are working so email is dumping in three boxes. I’ll get it figured out eventually.

Gigi just called me and was all mad about the news that says you shouldn’t sit up straight and sitting up straight is actually bad for you. Oh great! All my life adults told me to sit up straight. Now we discover it was contributing to our midlife back pains. The story said sit reclining at 135 degrees is ideal. Now all the kids driving around town are actually correct in their posture. Do other kids around the country drive with their seats reclined.

Well I still have a lot of stuff to buy that was in my PC case. I especially miss the camera. Oh this new PC has a built in web cam….get out of here. See? There is new stuff all the time.


mr zig said...

Congrats on the new Super Duper Computer... And good luck getting all that pre-installed junk off of it!

Ali Kat said...

I heard that having good posture makes you live longer. Then again, we hear so many contradicting things about coffee and other stuff - it's hard to know who's telling the truth anymore.

Logzie said...

Yep, they drive laying down here too!