Boxing Tonight

I have always enjoyed boxing. Many people consider boxing to be a cruel sport that prays on the poor and whose sole goal is to give their opponent a concussion.

I think that may be accurate for the majority of entry level boxers.

Tonight however we will witness a PHD fight, and defend his title against a Charlotte banker for the heavyweight championship of the world. Both men are educated and do not need boxing to make it in life.

I am particularly excited because the challenger is from my hometown of Charlotte.

Just a side bar here, this is the first time I have ever called Charlotte my hometown. Until now Durham, NC was my hometown. Durham is where I grew up. But Durham is a distant memory of my youth. Charlotte is where I have lived and worked since 1979. In the south you do not claim a town as your hometown unless you were born there or at least your most distant memories are from there. I’m breaking with southern protocol and claiming from this day forth that Charlotte is my hometown.

15 hours later…….

Whew! That was a side trip wasn’t it? Okay…my guy lost in the 7th round last night and I am sleepy for staying up two nights in a row. Boy I’m a wild thang.