A Christmas Story

I was lying in bed this morning at 6 AM thinking about today being Christmas and when I was a child. It was a twilight moment where I could have easily gotten up or drifted back off.

My mobile phone rang from the other room at the Wreggie chair at blog command central. This phone has a strong ring like grandma’s phone back in the 1960’s. I got that ring because I needed to hear it when I am riding in the jeep plus the sound is so nostalgic it makes me laugh every time I hear it.  

Who in the hell could that be? I looked over and Gigi was unfazed sleeping away. Gigi sleeps so quietly that I used to accuse her of faking it when she slept until I realized that she sleeps silently most of the time.

I slowly got up and the usual suspects were standing in the kitchen wanting to go out. From down the hall I could see their tails wagging from the lights on the Christmas tree.

I opened the door and two dogs left and a cat came in. Who in the hell let Millie out last night?

I looked at my phone as I made coffee and it was Michael that called from St Croix.

I called Michael and heard nothing but loud festive music. “I can’t hear you”, Michael screamed. He said he was behind a truck that was playing music and “Peter says Merry Christmas.”

Some of the mystery is solved from a later call from the webcam. Peter enjoys a beverage in front of the substance abuse center.

The mere mention of Peter being there helps fill in the details that everyone was having a good time celebrating Christmas. They don’t celebrate Christmas down in St Croix with fluffy bunny slippers in their PJs by the warm glow of lights on the tree, these folks, and it sounded like a lot of them, were celebrating loudly in the streets.

“I’ll post pictures on the blog!” Michael screamed.

We both hung up when we realized a conversation was impossible.

You know as much as I do so I’ll keep an eye on the blog today for details.

Merry Christmas all. 


Michael said...

Ok. Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights Cruzan Christmas Serenade 2008 Photos are up on this post. Still no video (well, 1st segment is up on youtube) cause I can't seem to stitch the segments together.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

If you had a PC you could.....Merry Christmas!

Michael said...

I'm using a PC, that's the problem. If my mac was working I'd have them up long ago. Windows Movie Maker doesn't recognize .mov files. And the converter I found to make them .avi messed up all the audio. I uploaded one segment to youtube, it took forever, but worked . But I can't stitch the 4 segments together on youtube. I'm waiting for SUPER@ to download, its supposed to do the trick.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You know I had to get a Mac insult on you. I know how it bristles a true Mac person like yourself.

terri said...

I wonder how long it would take me to get to St. Croix to join the party. And how long would it be before the crazy in-law family notices I'm not present and accounted for?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Wreggie! Pet your puppies for me.