Guess What I'm Thinking About?

So I’m done with the minor holidays and by the looks of my countdown clock to the right I am bearing down on my winter vacation in St Croix.

Last night my nephew called to wish his elderly uncle Merry Christmas and began to lobby Gigi and I to escort him back for a week in June to my favorite island.

It was fun last June running with an 11 year old that likes to swim and snorkel as much as I do. 

I talked to Gigi this morning and she is willing to “pencil in” a June trip back to the island. I like knowing I have two trips on the agenda in front of me.

June is nice down there, the island isn’t at all crowded and prices are cheap on lodging and flying. Plus it is actually cooler down there in June than it is that time of year in Charlotte.

I have begun to collect stuff to take…yes technically packing I would have to admit.

My MIL gave me some swim trunks yesterday that could usurp my favorite “yellow boys”. They hit the pile right away of the “to go” list.

I bought a small set of binoculars for the LSU/ASU game back in September and I am taking those to St Croix this time. There is always so much going on in the ocean in St Croix so I figured a pair would be nice to have. And if it is a clear day you can see St Thomas and St John from St Croix. With binoculars you can see houses on the other islands.     


terri said...

It's always good to have something to look forward to. Are you sure you can give up the "yellow boys" though? Seems to me you tried to give them up once before without success.

We added an extra day to our Bayfield/Apostle Islands trip in August, so I guess that's my thing to look forward to. First I have another high school graduation party to get through in June, then I'll seriously be ready for a vacation.