Comfort Food

I am pretty sure I have caught a wicked sore throat from Liv through Facebook. Is that possible? Gigi and I are both coughing and complaining this morning.

Last night I put on a pot of pinto beans to soak. This morning I would like to introduce leftover Christmas ham to said beans.

In a high Mr. Bill voice, “Hello beans, I will make you tasty, nice to meet you.”

In other disturbing news what’s up with the Diet Pepsi cans? 


Ken said...

While studying the pot I couldn't help but notice some strange footed, troll type being, at the top of the pic. I studied and pondered, what could this ~thing~ be sitting on a stove so close to your everyday cooking?

Then, above the disturbing Pepsi can...... puppies! I should have known.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You are like me Micky. I loot at peoples photos for details about their live that they maybe didn't mean to expose.

Those are actually bears.

I just tasted the beans and their coming along mighty fine.

terri said...

Yum. The soup sounds good and it's probably just what you need for that sore throat.

I found the Diet Pepsi cans disturbing too. I accused Mark of buying the wrong thing. Normally I'd have been correct in that assumption, but this time, I was forced to apologize.