What Did I Do?

At 52 I still have the ability to read without glasses most of the time however there are exceptions. For those exceptions I keep multiple pairs of cheap drugstore glasses around.

Recently one of those exceptions came up, I think it was that I couldn’t see, yes, that was the exception, so I put on some readers and started looking at some fine print.

These glasses were the half lens type that I could wear lower on your nose enabling me to glance up and see normally over the lenses.

Gigi walked in the room and began telling me something and I looked up without saying a word and gave her my undivided attention. After a few minutes of listening to her every word she said, “What are you so pissy about?”


“You’ve got this attitude and I don’t like it.”

The subject changed to me being an asshole and the only words I spoke was, “Huh”.  

I realized it was my glasses giving her the intimidating feeling. I took the off and asked; “Honey, is this better?”

She wasn’t convinced and went huffing off to the bedroom.  


Unknown said...

I can imagine that making you look like an ass. I think the same thing from a guy at work who looks up over his glasses at you in the same way with a disgusted look. The glasses make it worse.

It is the reason I will not shave my beard into a goatee. I think goatees can make the nicest person look like a butthole.

Ali said...

Yeah, I can totally see looking up at her over those half lenses coming across as attitude.

Oh man, I love Gigi.

Chris said...

I wouln't see anything wrong with that, but I guess that's why I'm a man...:)

Ken said...

Sounds like "bifocal attitude" for sure.
Carefull Wreggie, it could become permanent.

terri said...

Mark does that with his readers but I don't think he looks pissy. It makes me laugh because he ages himself by about 10 years or so when he does it.

TerryC said...

"That look" over the top of the readers will do it every time! Hahaha

Didn't you feel like your voice would sound like the teacher's in the Peanuts cartoons?

You guys are too funny!