Stuff I Learned About Canadians from One Visiting Me Last Week

As you recall last weekend Chris came physically out of the blogosphere from Winnipeg Manitoba to visit my fair city for an NFL experience. Until last week he and his lovely bride Ali were just digits on a web page.    

The following is stuff I learned about Canadians from one visiting me:

Chris was a very polite person. He is a nurse and I could see his care giving and empathy around my father in law.

Haley loved Chris. Chris loved Abby more.

Chris loves NFL football.

He had cool currency with hockey players and coins with two types of metal.

Chris was willing to try new foods and vocalized his observations to me. I like that.

He heard the word “ya’ll” a lot. 

Chris talks fondly and frequently about his wife and daughter.

Haley loved Chris and would jump up on him and get his pants muddy. Chris avoided being mean to Haley.

Chris said he heard the words “yes sir and no sir” a lot.

He is a natural for tailgating but they don’t encourage such activities in Winnipeg.

It was funny to hear Ali his wife call and have wifely conversation while on the golf course. Wives have a knack for calling when men are playing golf.

Haley absolutely loved Chris and misses jumping up on him.

I heard a lot about cities that I couldn’t relate to geographically …. I think they have to drive a long way to get anywhere.

I heard a lot of national pride about his city and province.

He called a bathroom/rest room a wash room. He really said, “eh?” 

Lastly, the pride of Canada faced off with team Wreggie USA in golf. The scores were so bad that we didn’t add them up. I think I caught up with him on the back nine and may have won. 


Chris said...

I really used the word "eh"?

Don't be polite, you hammered me in golf. It was over form the first tee...

I miss Haley too.

Unknown said...

Not to split hairs or anything but isn't that technically just stuff you learned about ONE Canadian?

Ali said...

I agree about him being polite - he was born to be a nurse, that's for sure.

He vocalized his observations? I'm surprised he ever stopped talking :)

That "wifely conversation" involved a lot of swears - I couldn't help but be cranky after just getting stuck in our snowy parking lot, then hearing him brag about golfing in a t-shirt.

You've never heard "washroom" before? Huh.

He may have loved Haley and Abby, but he loved you two more - he babbles about you non-stop.

terri said...

I want Ali to come visit me next, but I'm afraid where I live is just too much like where she lives and there'd be nothing exciting here for her to see. Except maybe the Target store that is literally just around the corner from me. I know she loves Target.

Ken said...

Eh! don't they all play hockey too eh?

Stacy said...

i didnt know they really said eh

Peach Pod said...

"Stuff I Learned at Harris Teeter Today": I had to share this with you because you are one of the few people who will find this as amazing as I did. I was standing in line at the local Harris Teeter and noticed that the guy in front of me had a significant hunk of meat in his basket. It probably would feed 4 normal, hungry adults. Curious, I decided to lean over and check out the price of this item. This piece of cow was priced at $51.00!!!! It was a standing rib roast that was priced at over $50!!! This is insane! $51 and he still has to do the cooking!