Not a Bad Day After All

There was some big doings at the Wreggie wranch yesterday. Saturday was my first day off of four days and I was darn happy to get to this time off. I had a lot of chores to catch up on and some early prep work for Monday Night Football.

I went out early to wash the truck, pick up shavings for the horse stalls, pick up hay for the horses, and pick up the newly floored horse trailer. Then back out for a cooler full of beer and hamburger fixings to grill for the pay per view fight in the evening.

I put together a plastic Rubbermaid shed and did some general clean up in the back yard.

I took a shower late afternoon to prepare for our guests to come over to watch the fight.

There was still a little time before my BIL and SIL were due over so I decided this would be a good time to cut some holes in an old metal trash can so I could us it as a burn barrel for heat Monday Night. One hole cut just fine so I moved the operation to the opposite side.

I was drilling away when suddenly the hole cutter blade bound up in the metal, jumped up out of the hole , and tore into my left thumb. The cut was deep and I was afraid I may have done some real tendon/ligament damage.

Gigi threw me a clean towel to compress the injury and I headed to the hospital get four stitches. I jumped in my pickup and tore out of the neighborhood when suddenly I noticed in my rear view mirror a cooler in the road with lots of ice and broken bottles of beer everywhere. I had forgotten to close the tailgate. I stopped and cleaned it all up.

Surprisingly I was in and out of the emergency room in 1 ½ hours and my wallet $150 lighter after the co-pay.  Luckily no real damage was done to my thumb except a deep cut which required some stitches.

I really enjoyed watching the procedure like it was someone else’s thumb being work upon.

I got home in time to cook the burgers and watched the fight.  

The main event started at 11 PM which is late in my household. I was dozing in my chair when my SIL yelled to me that the fight was about to begin. We had a good time yelling and commenting.

It was funny to watch the dogs staying up too. Normally our dogs call it a day around 7 PM and sleep for 12 hours. They kept walking around looking like, “Would you people please leave so I can go to bed?” 


terri said...

Wreggie, only YOU could damn near cut your thumb off, take yourself to the hospital, ENJOY watching the procedure, and still get yourself home in time for guests.

And... did I read that right? You called it "a day off?"

Crazy man.

Ken said...

Ahh...The old jumping hole cutter story, glad it was just sticthes. Easy for me to say huh?

Now, about the beer spilt, that is totally uncalled for and you should be ashamed for the waste from the haste.

I can't help but chuckle picturing the dogs!
Luca is all gimpy today, I was kicking a ball around and she sprained her hind leg. Of course she never slowed a beat while we were playing, it was only after in for the night that she started limping.

Reggie Hunnicutt said... was an adventure Terri. I'mm all about adventure.

Micky I know this broke a man law that all beer should be secured before rushing off to the hospital. That is why I stopped to save what was left.

OMG the foam...the broken glass! It made me queasy at the loss of so much innocent beer. I don't want to relive that moment any more.

Jay said...

Why no pics of the horribly disfigured thumb??

Good job going back and cleaning up the mess, but be more careful with the beer next time.

Uh .. I mean, be more careful with the dangerous equipment next time! Yeah, that's it. ;-)

Chris said...

I don't know what upsets me more.....your mangled thumb, or the thought of those poor beer bottles scattering theirs guts all over the road.
Heal quickly.

Anonymous said...


How are you now?

James said...

Damn Wreggie..... exactly how many bottles got wasted?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

6 of 12.

Must I continue to relive this pain?