Dude…You Chop Some Mean Onions

Yesterday I picked up Chris at the airport and whisked him away to Bank of America stadium to begin his emersion into the NFL.

Just a recap from an earlier, Chris was to fly in from Manitoba to watch his first NFL game and his beloved Brocos play Carolina.

I’ve got to say Chris is one nice guy. Polite, a great conversationalist (not to be confused with an incessant talker), witty, oh I’ll admit it. I may be having a man crush.  You did a good job finding Chris, Ali.    

We took his picture in front of the Panthers statue and headed into the Panthers store.

I did take advantage of his medial expertise and had him check my stitches. “Hmm a bit red but they look okay. Boy those are some big knots.”

His accent is almost like an Irish brogue.

Off we went to reveal the hollowed tailgating parking lot and then we moved east to settle the trail dust over a few beers at my country club. Then we picked up mussels and whole oysters at the grocery store and headed home.

He met Gigi, my FIL and all the dogs.

Then it was off to the hard work of food prep for the game. I deveined shrimp while he chopped onions. I looked over and noticed he is quite the onion chopper and thought I would share this moment with his lovely wife so we called her.

I made a reservation at Bonefish and arrived around 7:30 PM. In case you haven’t noticed we have a seafood theme going this weekend. Chris told me earlier via email that he doesn’t get quality fresh seafood in Manitoba and wondered if I liked seafood.    

Does a fat dog fart? Hell yes I love seafood and we are blessed being just a few hours from the coast so we get most anything we want seafood wise.

At Bonefish we ate mussels and calamari then we all dined on various fish entrées. All plates included succotash sides which he commented that he had never tried.  The meal was darn good.

This morning I will take him to Jimmy’s for breakfast and have to get him to try some grits and country ham. Then we'll load the jeep and wonder around the country side and end up ready to tailgate. 

Ali, your man may be 10 pounds heavier when you get him back Monday.  


TerryC said...

Glad you guys are having fun!

Ali said...

LOL - don't worry about the man crush, I think he's got one on you as well :)

And since when can he chop onions properly? I usually end up taking the knife away from him because he's so terrible at it...

terri said...

I'm not surprised you're taking good care of Chris. Have fun!

mr zig said...

That's pretty awesome... Sounds like a good weekend... But uh, not sure what you mean about his accent... I've heard him speak... He sounds pretty accent free to me! Hehe! ;)

CarmenSinCity said...

Where is the picture???? I want to see what your man crush looks like!