Fighting is Good

I am sitting here panting in a glaze of sweat after fighting 3, 3 round boxing matches, two I won by KO and the last one by a decision. The last guy just wouldn’t go down with my signature right shot to the body.

Yes you may have guessed it…compulsive Wreg bought a Wii.

One question…why isn’t there a regulation 1 minute between rounds? And where is the ring girl?

This game is fun. It get’s you up off your ass and moving. I think it may be just the cure for winter doldrums.

I’ve bowled, played golf, boxed, and played baseball all in my tee shirt and Homer Simpson jammy bottoms. Gigi plays too.

I have banged Abby in the head countless times when making an upper cut. She doesn’t understand why I am punching the air so fortuitously.  


Anonymous said...

Boxing is ridiculous on the Wii and is very tiresome.

You should take a look at the Wii Fit. It is a good workout and quite fun. There is a boxing exercise in there that will get your blood pumping.

Tiger Woods is a lot of fun. It is as close to real golf as you can get. Plus I can actually hit the ball. Real golf, who needs ya?!!!

Carnival Games is another fun one to check out. It is a great 4 person player game and becomes more and more fun with each drink.

And if you like shooting things and screaming at the TV, check out Resident Evil 4.

Judy said...

Welcome to the world of Wii. I too just LOVE IT! Have you made you meme? That is fun too.

MELackey said...

I Wii doubles tennis with a few guys a while back. Pulled a muscle and nearly broke a lamp.

Jay said...

I've never played a Wii, but I think it would be fun. However, if I did get a Wii I would never leave the house, and I'm bad enough about not getting out much already!

Teresa said...

Grover does the same thing...gets in the way!! He can't figure out what all the commotion is about and he gets nervous!

Ken said...

Picturing this......makes me laugh very hard! I'm sure it's a blast!

I'm afraid!!! It's just too, advanced culture for me, I think!

Still funny!

TerryC said...

No idea what you're talking about. And glad about that! Sounds way too scary for me!

terri said...

The kids asked for a Wii for Christmas and we decided no more video games because the PS2 games have overtaken the family room. Maybe it's time to sell off the old stuff and get a Wii after all!

Ali said...

You bought a Wii?!?!?!

I'll be on the first flight out after Christmas.

Bretthead said...

I got the Wii as a family Xmas gift. I can't wait! I'm even excited to create the little characters made to look like each of us. Can't wait to do my in-laws.