The horse intervention is over. Yesterday Gigi and I picked up Sassy and Cotton for their trip back home.

Hopefully they will be better mannered and respectful horses.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Sassy hates being a horse and it is true.

She doesn’t seem to like her little horse feet. Hers are hard black bowling ball plastic things that will split if they aren’t trimmed regularly. I think she would rather have toes.

Sassy hates flies. Big horseflies always bite her above her tail and all she can do is run and scream.

Sassy hates wet and cold weather. She is not too fond of extremely hot weather. She hates the outdoors come to think of it. Being outdoors is critical to being a horse.

Sassy does not like to run. She will only run if threatened with a crop and then will only sustain the run for as long as you are willing to crop her.

Sassy wakes up grouchy every morning at the realization that she is a horse for another day. She’ll pin her ears back and take nips at you if you get too close in the morning.

I don’t think Sassy like hanging out with other horses….not too good if you are a herd animal.

She doesn’t care for all the icky things of being a horse like peeing on the ground, standing in the presence of manure or the occasional visit by a snake, squirrel or spider or eating off the ground.

She’s just not a horse person at all


Unknown said...

Other than peeing on the ground I don't like those things either :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she's charmed you and Gigi and me, from afar.

She looks small-ish.... is she?

Chris said...

I'm gonna tame the wild beast. Bareback, and with no fear...

I just remembered I'm a little scared of horses.

Ali said...

Chris? Puh-leaze! That horse will have you screaming like a little 7-year-old girl, lol!

This post is great. Sassy sounds like a riot :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...


She's a bit small but looks smaller and stockier with her winter coat. She is a Paso Fino.

Chris, Yes, I was going to let you ride the wild Manitoba Arabian.

Ali, I swear she's grouchy as it gets.

Ken said...

She's still bigger than you Wreggie, you should be nice to her.

Can't email you without an address.

terri said...

I think Sassy needs some happy pills.