Damn Liars

Dear Direct TV,

I see you have helped yourself to my good graces and credit card again.

This weekend I will order the HBO pay per view boxing match and will pay $64 for the right to see it in HD. Thank you for making this possible, it is a lot cheaper than getting ringside seats in Vegas.

But I have a bone to pick with you. Remember back a few months ago I was having DVR problems and you changed the subject and started asking me about my HD Receiver? I didn’t think so but anyway you did ask and found out I had a suspected receiver that was recalled and needed to be replaced.

You sent me a new box and a repair guy to fix the DVR leaving the old receiver behind.

I called you and asked you if you wanted me to send the receiver back and you said, “No, you owned that particular receiver so you can throw it away.”

“Are you sure,” I asked, “Because I don’t want to see the charge on my bill in a few months.”

“Yes sir Mr. H, you can throw it away.”

“Okay”, I said in a distrusting tone.  

Well, well, when I went online this morning to preorder the event I see you helped yourself to the tune of $240 on my credit card. You and I both know what this if for and you my good corporation are not entitled to this money. This is my money, not yours. You said so.

Direct TV, you are now both a thief and a liar. They would cut off your hand for this in Iran.  

Oh we’ll be talking today and at the end of the call you’ll want to know if I am all happy and had all my questions answered. I’ll say yes to get you off the phone but I’ll still be pissed.


Unknown said...

I have yet to find a cable or dish provider who doesn't have douchebag customer service. Comcast offered an excellent service but their customer service was horrible. Direct TV's is only slightly better but still pretty bad.

I upgraded to HD and bought my receiver. They let me know I still have to pay $7.99 a month on it to rent their service even though I own it. I have an old receiver I no longer need which they charged me for. I asked to send it back and they said they would have the boxes sent to me right away. That was a month ago, still no boxes and I fully expect it to be on my next bill again!

Teresa said...

I have had similiar problems with the billing department of Dish Network. I had to threaten to leave and go to Direct TV before they decided to bill me correctly and that whole ordeal took 7 months and hours of phone calls!!

Ken said...

I am presently in battle with Comcast. I don't even have it but I have to fight them, to even get them to give it to me. All I want is a fricken price for them to go the extra however many feet for them to hook me up.

Chris said...

Go Paquaio!!!

I never liked DeLaHoya.
He's too "pretty boy" for boxing.

Manny has the face of a boxer, I just hope he can take a bigger boxer's punch!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Actually my sister in law will be over and she is from the Philippines and alway a huge Pacquiao gal.

I talked to Direct TV and they saw where the woman said I could throw the receiver away. They have escalated my request since they see that they are thieves.


Ken said...

Interesting: when printing "wreggie" on an e-mail, spellcheck asked if I meant, reggae.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...


Unknown said...

It is funny I responded yesterday about Direct TV not sending the boxes for me to ship back my receiver. I got home yesterday to the empty box waiting for me at my door.

Me and Direct TV are cool for the moment.