A Visitor is Coming

I have a visitor coming to my home this Saturday; an unlikely visitor just a few weeks ago. He is a fellow blogger and husband of one of my oldest blogger pals Ali.

Yes for those who know them he is Chris of “It’s the Med’s” and husband of Ali of “Idiosyncrasies of a Gemini Mind”.

Chris loves football both his CFL team Winnipeg Bombers and his favorite NFL team the Denver Broncos. Ali doesn’t get as most wives don’t get it.

A few weeks ago I found out that my regular pal Bruce would not be attending the Carolina/Denver game in Charlotte so I had a ticket available.

Now we have for some time now threatened to meet Ali and Chris either by them traveling to Charlotte or us traveling to Winnipeg but nothing seemed important enough to warrant a trip. Oh yes a child was born and she is lovely.

I feel like I know them by their blogs and they remind me so much of Gigi and I when we were in out late 20’s, newly married and struggling to get a career going. Plus we love reading about their lives as new parents and watching their careers unfold.

And so when I found out I had this ticket my first thought was to see if Chris wanted to come and watch the game. I knew it was short notice, near Christmas, money is tight with everyone but I asked Ali via email ands he accepted.

So Chris will travel Saturday from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to Midland, North Carolina, USA to watch his first NFL game in person. I am as excited as is he.

We’ve been exchanging emails like giggly school girls except this is serious man stuff. It involves stuff we like and I must say my hat is off to two lovely women who are putting up with us , Ali and Gigi.

Sunday promises some good tailgating, football watching on TV from the parking lot, and then a live game in the stadium.

Then there is some other time for maybe golf if my finger heals enough.


Teresa said...

That's GREAT!~! Have fun together doing serious man stuff. :)

MELackey said...

Chris is a lucky guy. Tailgating with Wreggie would be an honor...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time!

Chris, tailgating with Sir Wreginald, King of the Tailgates is quite fun!

You all will have a blast. Just make sure no Denver fans get a hold of his Panthers flag :)

Chris said...

I'm ready for Sunday!

If you're lucky, maybe I'll bring Bob and Doug McKenzie along. You hoser.


I have to get my hands on a Broncos flag!

Ken said...

Very cool!

Don't let his youth get the better of you, you know kids these days!
Make sure he buys ALL the beer.

Have a great time!