Dick’s, Jocks, and Brats

The new pair of swim trunks I got at Christmas does not have any lining in them.  With these new trunks I’m going to need to buy a jock strap or two so I don’t show any brain while swimming or lounging by the pool; nothing much grosser than exposed sack by the sea.

I did a Google search and up popped (no pun intended) a bunch of gay looking pictures with guys showing off their packages.

I asked Gigi where I should look for a jock and she said, “Not Wal-Mart, you’ll pick up crabs. Go to Dick’s”.

I busted out laughing thinking about going to a place name Dick’s for a jock strap. 

I guess one day I’ll grow up. 

Pregame brats yesterday proved to be a winning effort for Carolina!


terri said...

This may just be TMI at this hour of the morning, but it cracked me up. So, what you have is not a pair of swim trunks, but board shorts, I bet. Those don't have a lining in them. Gigi is right. Dick's is the place to go for your support needs. (I have boys in sports. I know these things.)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh! Board shorts huh? Can I swim in them? Or do I just hang out and look cool.

Either way I need a foundation.

Ken said...

Gee Wreggie, why go through all the hassle of shopping at Dick's and buying a jock then having to put two garments on every time you go swimming. So much practical man time being wasted.
I don't get it, wear your old ones.

Anonymous said...

"exposed sack by the sea"

nice alliteration there...

ummm loved your comment earlier over at my place...it reminded me I had a few more pics to put up.

I had to laugh cause the chick doing my pedi wasn't the one in the picture, she came in mid-pedi...she was HOT and she was wearing a short skirt.

I laughed my ass off when I read your comment.

Jay said...

Dick's Last Resort in Dallas (they have several other locations around Texas now) is pretty famous for their crabs.

I even had a t-shirt that said "I got Crabs at Dick's"

That's the kind of thing I find funny. ;-)

Ali Kat said...

Am I the only one who couldn't handle looking at those brats after seeing the jock strap?!?

Chris said...

Ah, yes, the grill.

I'm surprised though, no seafood?
You've finally tamed the crave I see.

Go Panthers! I'm wearing my hat proudly!

Stacy said...

wow is all im going to say

mr zig said...

hehe brain...

Ali said...


"Exposed sack by the sea"
"Not Wal-Mart, you'll pick up crabs"

So much hilarity! I can barely compose myself :)