Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! This picture of my jack-o-lantern is for Teresa. I actually still carve a pumpkin and I don’t have kids or trick-or-treaters.

I live in the rural south where Halloween is discouraged by local old churches. There is still a stigma attached with demons or something. Those churches have “fall festivals” and discourage any scary type costume. I used to go to one of these churches and help with the festival. One year Gigi dressed as a convincing witch and scared the crap out of some of the children. They cracked down on the costume policy the next year.

In the city Halloween is celebrated. In fact I ate at PF Changs today and about half of the adults were in costume. I dressed as a professional golfer. Hehe.

In the city little kids wear costumes and go door to door collecting candy and have a big time.

Here in the country its just another fall night, except I have a pumpkin glowing in the dark.


Logzie said...

Thanks for the picture Reggie! You & Chuck must think alike!