A Lesson Learned

I am in a winter funk of sorts. I don't embrace the season like Zig. I suffer from light deprivation depression and have for years. Chemicals help me some and the upcoming winter vacation will help more. I just reserved the Wrangler Jeep (oh sweet little convertible) last night.

Just yesterday I looked at the NASCAR schedule to see when Daytona 500 will run, it's the first race of the season and a sure sign spring is eminent.

So the countdown to Winter solstice has begun and then I can start adding minutes of light to each day that passes.

Now let me tell you what happened to my new notebook computer. I have a hard time living without being connected to the world via the Internet. I am not ashamed of this, I thrive on the information and communication. Typically I sit in "my chair" with my notebook desk in front of me wirelessly connected to the world. If I am watching news or sports on the High Definition TV I follow along on the Internet for more information. I spent quiet hours in the morning with Duke and blog. My computer is a vital part of my life.

So I spent 3 days restoring my PC with all the programs and features that I wanted, less all the junk programs they put on new PCs. The little pop up window kept bugging me to make a set of rescue discs. I figured out how to disable that annoying pop up. Finally I was going to install encryption software that was just mandated by my company. So I followed a rather lengthy instruction procedure and began the encryption never to see my PC again. The software completely scrambled my precious PCs brains. It even scramble the system down to the bios so I couldn't recover no matter what.

I called HP support and they concluded the only way to recover was from the rescue disc. They asked, "You did make the rescue discs, right?"

"No", I said.

So for $29 I should get my rescue discs for what I could have had for free if I had only taken the time to make them. And then I'll have a new PC that I will have to spend three days rebuilding.
So I'll continue to type away on my wife's computer for a few more days. Thank you Gigi.


mr zig said...

Its true, I do love winter :) - sorry to hear about your new PC problems! Its almost funny in a not funny way because I can totally imagine how you must be feeling... (see what happens when we trust technology?) - good luck getting it all fixed up...