Day Trip

It was an interesting day.

I was supposed to drive to Chapel Hill and meet with a client at 11:00, then have lunch, then visit my mother in Durham around 2 PM.

Turns out the 11:00 AM pushed the appointment to 1 PM so I met my mother and sister for lunch at my mother’s house.

It was pleasant and fun to see them both. I hadn’t expected to see my sister on this trip.

The visit was brief because I had to run on to Chapel Hill for the one o’clock.

As it turns out I was to attend a Sertoma club lunch meeting as the guest of my client.

Okay, two lunches, I suppose I can pull this off.

The meeting was held at the Chapel Hill Country Club and attendance was modest. I was the youngest person in the room.

There was a table in the corner with a group of really old guys. I heard one arguing and he screamed to the other guy to turn up his damn hearing aid.

There wasn’t a man at that table that didn’t have something plugged into his body. I saw oxygen tubes, hearing aids, and insulin pumps. They were a funny energetic group though.