Ugly Shoes

I just had lunch with Gigi. She came into town and we walked across the street to a new restaurant called Brio.

To get there we have to cross 3 lanes, a medium, and then 3 more lanes.

Gigi wore her ever fashionable shoes, the ones pictured. I hate them. I think they are ugly as an empty glass of buttermilk. Witch shoes….ugly!

To top off their ugliness she is damn near crippled when she wears them. So here we go taking baby steps about to get hit like a possum all because of these ugly shoes.

She almost fell off her seat at the restaurant when her heel slipped. She was sitting down for goodness sakes.

I dreaded going back after the meal.

We didn’t get hit.


Ali said...

I'm sorry, but those are some hot shoes, or boots...whatever, I love them. I have a pair like them in black. They have a 4 inch heel and my husband complains about the baby steps I have to take too.
They may make us cringe because they hurt so much, but sometimes you have to suffer to look hot!

Peach Pod said...

Your DBIL almost had a hernia laughing so hard at this entry!