Paradigm Shift

There has been a paradigm shift here at the old ranch as reported yesterday in my sister-in-laws blog.

Gigi’s father is here for one of his extended stays. These stays are usually enjoyable and more tolerable since he stays in the guest house.

The first this he noticed in the guest house was a closet full of my homemade beer. He threatened to drink it all but Gigi assured me he was bluffing.

So with Larry here fall is in full swing. He always shows up in the fall. It’s as sure as the Masters and the Kentucky Derby in the spring. Fall is here; put a folk in summer because Larry is in Charlotte.

The dogs love Larry because he plays with them hours on end. Larry is a big exercise freak and reminds me of old Jack Lalanne. All of this exercise causes Larry to eat like a teenager. Most of his day is concerned with burning calories, consuming calories and saying The Rosary.

So Larry is here and fall is here. This will give me a lot of blog fotter in the coming weeks.