Email to the Charlotte Airport

Dear Charlotte Airport,

Do you know you have two Long Term II lots?

It would be extremely helpful if you named one lot by one name and the other lot by another name. Maybe Long Term Lot I, Long Term Lot II, Long Term Lot III, etc.

This is just a suggestion so when folks that get off the shuttle on first Long Term Lot II would know where the heck they were. Long Term II lot one, or Long Term II lot two.

I thought I was in the right Long Term Lot II when in reality I had parked at the second Long Term Lot II.

It was hard to tell since my ticket clearly stated Long Term Lot II and the Shuttle was a Long Term lot II Shuttle, and it pulled into the Long Term Lot II. But it was actually Long Term lot II number one.

Simple huh?

Not to worry, the Long Term Lot II Shuttle came back 45 minutes later and took me to Long Term Lot II number II.

Then I rode to the terminal to pick up my wife who had called me and was waiting for an hour for me. As soon as I pulled up one of your law officers told me to leave. I said no I will not, I am picking up my wife. He said he would call the police to remove me.

I said I'm sorry but I am going to pick up my wife.

He said, "Tell her ass to be outside when you pick her up".

Her ass and her whole body was outside.

I exchanged some pleasantries with the cop and I loaded my wife.

No one under any circumstance tells me I cannot pick up my wife when she is clearly standing there. No one.

Meanwhile six Cabs sat there in the loading zone harassment free.


Ali said...

You...are my hero. You're hilarious and I think you should send that letter to the airport and mention also about the harrassment while picking up Gigi whilst the cabbies remained harrassment free.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh I did. This is the actual email I sent the airport at

I also cced the local talk radio stations. I was livid.

Can you picture a 5'7" 50 year old man rumbling with the airport cop?

I was almost there.

2 lot 2's. That is crazy.

Ali Kat said...

LOL :o That is a great letter. What I can't believe is they barely apologized.

People these days!