This Mouth Has Been One Day Without An Accident

It is amazing how a voluntary muscle like your jaw can work flawlessly for years on end without incident. You can go forever without biting your tongue or cheeks all the while grinding and chewing food into small particles. Oblivious to all this destruction is the nearby tender cheek meat of your inside cheek. Everything works in perfect coordination without incident.

Today I popped a piece of gum in my mouth and chewed a bit of my right cheek along with the gum. Surprisingly the back molars are very sharp and even more to my dismay I have continued to re-injure my cheek throughout the day by taking little new bites into the swollen cheek.

Now I have a place like raw hamburger meat in my mouth. Once bitten you continue to bite. It seems like this injured place wants to jump between my molars.

I am surprised this doesn’t happen more often especially with me. I have some huge bovine molars and big cheeks. It was just a powder keg waiting for the time to go off.