Little Known Facts about Border Collies

I have owned three border collies and two ½ border collies. I have known quite a few border collies from friends and neighbors.

I currently own two full blooded border collies and one ½ border collie and ½ Australian shepherd.

Fact one

Border collie puppies smell like no other puppy. They quite frankly stink. This worried us with our first border collie. I hate for a stinky dogs to be around. But she stopped sticking as she grew into adulthood.

Fact Two

Adult border collies don’t smell. Oh they have a little very slight odor but not an offensive natural doggy stink. It’s actually a nice smell that they have.

Fact Three

Border collies are self cleaning.

The way their fur grows allows dirt and debris to fall off as soon as they dry. Just this afternoon Haley came to the back door covered in wet mud. I told her to go back and herd.

About and hour later she brought up the horses and she was white and clean sans any smell. Amazing!