The Perfect 10

Today is forecasted to be a perfect 10 for golf. Yes they actually rate and forecast the probabilities for golf conditions every day. I have played in all conditions but rarely hit the perfect 10.

Today I have a 1:10 start time.

Gigi thinks this is silly. Both the start times and the rating scale. I explain the time thing is so each foursome gets 10 minutes to play the hole and the next foursome comes on 10 minutes later. So we play after the 1:00 foursome start and someone behind us will go off at 1:20.

The rating system is useful. Partly cloudy means I won’t have to squint my eyes in the sun watching for the ball. I will not be sweaty or hot and not cold. It’s still early in the fall so leaves will not be an issue. The grass on the greens and fairway are in near perfect conditions. The beer afterwards will be cold and delicious.

I wish other events in your life could be forecasted and rated. If today is rated a 3 for work, stay home. If today is rated a 10 for work, go in early and stay late.

If only life was so simple.


Logzie said...

OH...I can't wait to be there! That weather sounds so perfect. Here in Michigan it is cold, rainy and dreary! I can't wait to escape the winters too.