Trying To Make Up

I got a letter from my refrigerator this week like nothing has happened between us. The letter told me that it needed a new water filter and I should order one now.

Like I care?

I hate my refrigerator. It is a top of the line side by side Kitchen Aid with all the bells and whistles.

First of all it is too big and holds nothing. Most of its bulk is tied up in doors and thick insulated walls. There is very little storage room left over relative to its size.

All of the internal shelving is brittle plastic. And all of this shelving is broken somewhere.

The doors require half the available room of the kitchen to open and they will not fully open.

We had a great refrigerator and we had a great relationship. It would cool and freeze my food and I would give it a nice place to live.

The old refrigerator was so old and reliable that it was gravely out of style. So out of style that Gigi and I foolishly decided to upgrade.

We still regret this decision.

The old almond colored fridge was about 25 years old. It was a Sears Kinmore given to us by my parents as a house warming gift. It cost $600 dollars back then and we couldn't come up with the money if you put a gun to my head.

Ah, but a fond memory.

I'm going to ignore this letter. The tension shall continue.