Dividend Miles

I hate messing with airline dividend miles. Rarely do you get a deal.

I have 125,000 American Miles. I want to apply these miles for two tickets to St Croix in February. American charges me 60,000 miles per person and the flight always requires a layover in Miami. But it’s free so what the heck.

Going down there is just fine. A few hours in the air, an hour on the ground in Miami and a few more hours and I’m in paradise. Ah, 84 degrees and a cold Corona with a lime slice.

Going back on American Airlines is quite a different matter. I leave late afternoon and have to spend the night in the airport in Miami and catch a 6 AM flight back to Charlotte the next day. No thanks.

So I check “the new” US Airways which is really America West. They have nonstop service to and from St Croix. Wonderful! Ah, 84 degrees and a cold Corona with a lime slice in just 3 hours.

US Airways only requires 30,000 miles and I should be fine. After all I signed up for the US Airways MasterCard which bonuses me 20,000 miles and I already had 24,000 miles. So I do the quick math…….carry the 2……and I figure I have enough miles to book a nonstop round trip free.

Not so fast there young fella.

My MasterCard account has been accruing miles separately from my regular dividend account and I am having a fit trying to get the two accounts to merge.

So I check the account every morning and make a call every week. This time I was assured by US Airways that the miles would post in one account by Monday.

I hope there are some seats left.


Logzie said...

I wish I had your problem...

Ali said...

I hear you on this. But I hate airlines more than the points people. I got stranded along with about 100 other passengers in Raleigh, NC this spring. They cancelled the flight (weather related), which meant we all had to pay for our own hotel, food and taxi (about $300). The worst part was that they didn't have any Air Canada staff onsite so we had to call long distance on our personal cell phones to reschedule our flights for the next morning to their generic reservations #. I waited on hold for over an hour only and my bill was over $80 for that one call. What ticked me off the most was that they should have had someone at the airport to at least reschedule our flights.