Quiet Time

Last night I met a couple at the club for dinner. They are new clients and I thought it would be fun to meet under friendly and relaxed conditions.

Gigi was running a tad late as usual and I was early as usual.

To kill time I enjoy people watching. At the club everyone is having a good time playing golf, laughing, having drinks, and eating at the lounge.

This one guy was sitting at the bar by himself. He sat down with a well worn cigar box and ordered a beer in the bottle. Then he took out a cigar and slowly lit the stogy with reverent delight.

He quietly sat there oblivious to the other men at the bar. He just silently enjoyed his cigar and beer.

My guests arrived and I was caught up in conversation. Gigi arrived and she looked absolutely beautiful.

I glanced back at the bar and saw the same guy now having a martini and a cigarette. Okay. I guess he was catching up on his tobacco vitamins or something.

Maybe a total of an hour passed and the guy got up, grabbed his cigar box and left with a smile.

I thought it interesting that he was so alone and content in a social club intended for interaction.