Two, No Three Things I Cannot Do

I was reading this article this morning in The Wall Street Journal about an executive that stays fit by taking a jump rope with him everywhere he goes. He says if the gym is closed or whatever he can do a 15 minute workout most anywhere.

Good for him. That is a great idea. The problem for me is I cannot jump rope. I have tried many times and I am going to try again after reading this article.

I cannot snap my fingers. No matter how hard I try I just cannot make the cool snap sound. It sounds like dry skin rubbing together.

I cannot make a loud whistle. My father could make this deafening whistle just by pushing his tongue against his bottom teeth. I wish I could do this, it would be cool.

And lastly I cannot dance. Did I say there were three things I cannot do? Well it four. My sister can dance but I surely cannot.


mr zig said...

jumping rope is over rated... I also can't jump rope. It always ends badly..

And the super loud whistle... can't do that either.... tried many variations. Sure, I can whistle a little tune or whatever, but I can't make those LOUD whistles...

Plus, do you really want those skills anyway? How silly would you look jumping rope down the street whilst whisteling loudly? Thatd be a strange sight anyway... don't you think?

Ali Kat said...

I'm pretty sure there are a heck of a lot of people that can't do these things. I can't whistle or snap. When my dad whitles he sounds like a beautiful bird. I was in a musical once, where my character had to whistle. They actually had to get someone backstage with a mic to whistle for me. As a music teacher, it's really hard when you can't snap. Especially when you teach jazz. However, I can jump rope pretty good, and I LOVE to dance :) God made everyone different for a reason, if he hadn't life would be really boring.

Logzie said...

I think there are very few people who can do ALL 4 of those things!

Logzie said...

I think there are very few people who can do ALL 4 of those things!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I thought I just had a total lack of body control.

Alyssa said...

I feel your pain - I can't whistle at all, and I haven't tried jumping rope since I was in elementary school. I think I'll try it when I get home.

I also can't burp (seriously - it's really annoying - all I can do is make these bizarre frog-like sounds from somewhere inside - burping seems so much more relieving) -

Anyway, maybe your sister can teach you to dance!

Anonymous said...

No, his sister isn't that great of a dancer. I can barely get by but do enjoy it.
I can jump rope, whistle, and snap my fingers.

Amos said...

I am curious if your sister is left handed. Does it make a difference if you are right or left handed if you can do these things?

I am left handed, I can jump rope, snap, make a soft whistle, and pathetically dance. But I am certainly not skilled in all of them.

I am laughing out loud at Alyssa comment about the burping thing. I cannot burp either but I sure can make the frog sound thing she is talking about. I don't know many other people with that issue. I can only burp on accident and that is not very often.

Maybe you should invent a machine that could help you jump rope and then do an infomercial on TV.

If this appears twice, I am sorry, I type in the little letter thingys and then it comes back again and the letters don't show up. Blogger glitch!

Logzie said...

Oh my gosh, Alyssa...I cannot burp either!!! I have tried all the tips that my friends have given me...drink pop and hold your breath and push out...nothing works!...And I thought I was the ONLY one!

P.S.-I think it's because I can't burp that I think it's repulsive...I say it's a 'fart' coming out of your mouth!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

My sister and I are both right handed.

I can jump a rope if someone else is turning it very constantly.

I can belch like a sailor at will. I have been a very good burper since a boy.

I can wink effortlessly, flair my nostrils, and wiggle my ears.

Amos said...

LOL you sure started the popular conversation of the day. Boy Reggie you are a regular talent show!

Ali Kat said...

Who can lift one eyebrow up? I can, I can!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I can lift my left eyebrow like Spock but not my right eyebrow.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Who can do the Cherokee Snarl? That’s when you can snarl up one side of your mouth and nose like Elvis. Not everyone can do this. Gigi and I can. I can do both sides and Gigi can only do one side.

Who needs to jump rope?

Ali said...

Hey, I want in on this!
I used to be able to jump rope, I can whistle (but not the cool ear-splitting kind), I can snap my fingers, I'm left handed and I can dance - but if I can dance "well" is to be determined.
I can't lift either one of my eyebrows, and I envy AliKat for being able to.
I can do the Elvis lip curl/snarl thingie, and I can wink, but it takes too much work to think about keeping the other eye open so I just usually look very confused with one eye fighting to stay open - not very cool.
One thing I can do well is pat my head and rub circles on my stomach at the same time without getting messed up - my mother is so proud!