Friendly Golf

I love golf. I am new to the sport having played my first game two years ago at 48. It’s funny you can call golf a sport where you hit a little ball for four hours and drink beer and laugh.

But golf is part of my man world and I cherish every game. I enjoy and respect the game of golf. I play by the rules.

I play friendly golf. My game has improved but it will never be great. I am not an athletic person and I am completely comfortable with my lot in life so far as golf.

Other folks play competitive golf. Competitive golfers want to be the very best and are sure beyond doubt that everyone wants to be the best golfer possible to the point of tension.

I don’t like tension and am perfectly happy to be a shitty golfer.

Competitive golfers constantly comment on your game and offer father like encouragement. I don’t need encourage. My expectations are low so any good shot is celebrated.

Competitive golfers always try to give you lessons and encourage you to take lessons.

Competitive golfers get agitated at my lack of skills and refinement. They get agitated that I’m not agitated because they would be agitated if they played like I do.

Competitive golfers get mad and moody when their game isn’t good. They can and will throw clubs and fits when their game is off. They get very quiet when they make a bad shot.

Competitive golfers are certain that they are superior to you as a human since they are clearly superior to you as a golfer.

To all the competitive golfers of the world; guys loosen up. Laugh. Enjoy yourself. It’s just a friendly game.