Opening Weekend

Yesterday was a blur. I have been very at work busy doing ever mounting paperwork. I am afraid to do my normal work because it will only generate more paperwork to do later.

I decided to take the afternoon off and play golf with some friends.

I have felt lousy all week from being sick last weekend. So off to the links for a casual round. Maybe that will make me feel better.

Gigi has been getting her hair done now once a week. It looks really good and she enjoys the time out.

By the time I got home, then Gigi followed it was 7 PM. I was determined that we were going to have dinner so I fired up the grill and put a few potatoes in the oven. Gigi made one of her famous salads.

Around 8 PM we sat down to this big beautiful meal and we were too tired to eat much.

Here it is Saturday morning early and I can't sleep in late because I am so excited about the opening game Sunday with the Carolina Panthers against the Atlanta Falcons.

I have a lot of stuff to get together for tailgating, stuff to buy and cook before hand. The truck needs washing and I must find a white Carolina Panther Jersey for tomorrows opener.

The team starting announcing what color jerseys will be worn for each game and they encourage fans to wear the same. I only have black jerseys except for one Stephen Davis jersey who is no longer on the roster. It's new but I know I'lll catch hell if I wear it. It was too much of a deal not to buy it. Normally the jerseys are $75. This one was marked down to $9.99 when it was clear Davis would be waived from the team from injuries.

Oh the social pressures of tailgating!


Peach Pod said...

Just letting know that the Falcons are going to totally rule the game Sunday!!!