I Need You Help Please

I need your help please on buying a new digital camera. Please post a comment if you have a suggestion or question for me.

Right now I have a 5 mega pixel Gateway camera. I hate it. The lens is lousy and images rarely come out good. Daylight pictures are the best but often the skies are washed out looking. It’s about three years old.

I bought this camera on the recommendation of Walter Mossberg who the personal technology columnist in The Wall Street Journal.

I hate reading Consumer Reports and studying other opinions in making a technology decision.

I bought my wife a Nikon camera a few years ago and it is way better than mine.

What I want is something that is close to point and shoot as possible. I want high resolution stills and I would like decent video capability. I think I could/would spend up to $500. Size is not important. Clarity and true color is important.

Any suggestions for me?


Logzie said...

I have a Cannon Powershot S70, 7 megapixel. I am happy with the picture quality but so NOT happy with the camera itself. I can't tell you how many times I am pushing the button to take the stupid picture and nothing happens. By the time the camera 'feels' like taking the picture...the shot is gone! Oh but when I really don't care about the shot...it takes the picture no problem! Kinda like blogger...when they don't post the picture you really want to post but they'll post a picture you really don't care about any day of the week. My cousin just bought one of those SLR's and she can just hold down her button and the camera just snaps away...it's amazing. But I am almost positive that it costs well over $500.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Good point. Mine does the same thing. I also would like the camera to know whether a flash is required or not.

Amos said...

I have a Canon Powershot S2 IS. I bought it last Christmas. The outdoor pictures it can take are incredible. The indoor image comes out fairly well, but turn out blurred if the "image" is moving or the light is not good. My camera does have the feature that tells you if you need the flash or not. It is not a put in every pocket camera, although it is still fairly small and lightweight and comes with a shoulder strap. I have a 1 GB card and it can hold around 350 pictures, and if it has no pictures it can hold up to 2 hours of video. Or it can hold a little bit of both. I have 2 young boys and really about a minute of video gets all the stuff I need. The camera itself was around the $450-$500 range I think. Then of course the memory card and batteries were extra. But if in a pinch it can use just 4 AA batteries instead of the rechargable ones. I read a consumer reports magazine a few months ago and this camera was near the top of one of their lists. It has a ton of features that I haven't even learned yet, and I'm sure if I would sit and learn them my indoor pictures would probably be just fine. But with 2 young boys who has time to figure out the whole camera thing. My only other recommendation besides this camera would be the Canon SLR Digital Camera that runs around $999. It doesn't do the video but the shutter speed is right on. My brother has one and it is an incredible camera. Happy hunting.

Signed, Amos friend of Logziella.

mr zig said...

I am a big fan of Canon cameras, and shoot all my photos with a canon, but not a point and shoot, so probably not the best choice for you... but I did buy my wife a Kodak camera a while ago and I was very suprised by the quality, user friendliness, reliability and of course picture quality. Kodak also had very low prices... which I figured was a bad sign... but no, its all good. The only complaint I have about her particular camera is that the screens colour is not as nice as it could be - but the actual picture once printed or saved to your computer is very good.

Peach Pod said...

Your DBIL bought me a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N1 for Christmas last year and I love it. It uses a touch-screen for its menu system and has a huge screen(as huge as a lcd can be on a tiny camera). The only thing negative I can say about it is that it takes a while to get use to using the lcd instead of a view-finder. The video record feature is decent, too. The charge of the rechargeable battery pack lasts a surprisingly long time. Shop around and you can get it for about $350.