Mr. Potato Man

In all men there is a little potato man waiting to come out. My personal potato man showed up a few years ago and it has been a daily battle keeping him at bay.

Stage one

It starts innocently as Mr. Potato man manifests himself first with the John McCain head. The neck becomes big, jaws puffy and suddenly you have this recognizable big old man potato head. I suffer now from this affliction.

Stage Two

That’s not enough. Now Mr. Potato man wants my body. He strives to have my new head match my body. From the shoulders to the thighs your body starts the progression to the shape of an Irish potato.

Stage Three

If gone unchecked Mr. Potato man attacks your arms and legs. The appendages become drawn and skinny in an effort to enhance Mr. Potato man.

Once you achieve stage three you are too far gone. There is no return.

I have decided to fight Mr. Potato man at the big head and man boob stage and vow not to give up.

Now down to the gym.


Anonymous said...

That made me laugh out loud.