Packed For Glory

I'm packed and ready to go. All I have left to do is put on the window flags, ice down the beer and saute the onions for the brats.

My grill s a real charcoal grill. No sissy gas for me.

My cooler has years of signatures and tradition. It proudly sits on the stand to the right of tailgate.

I have a 30 foot tall flag pole that attaches to the front of my truck. Atop of the pole is a 3 by 5 foot Carolina Panther flag.

There is a 3 X 6 folding table for all the food that we will eat.

I found a white jersey this morning. I stuck with number 17 Jake Delhomme our quarterback.

Tomorrow (actually today too) grown men will act like boys. I am so excited.

Thank you Gigi for the freedom.