Saturday Stuff

Oh I’ve been a mighty couch potato today.

I left the house early with the best intensions. I got the truck washed, picked up my laundry, tried to buy a 10 foot gate at Lowes and failed. They just didn’t have the right kind that I wanted so I will not be digging hole and mixing concrete today. I can live with that.

Well then off to Lowes Foods where they have the best selection in the area. Good deli, baked goods, meat, seafood, booze, etc. And no not everything down here is named Lowes.

I needed to go to Lowes Foods to forage for tailgating food and beer for tomorrow’s home game. So I took the shortcut and what was revealed to me was a giant parade complete with High School bands and even some kind of a queen sitting on the top of the back seat of a convertible. It was some kind of celebration in the town of Mint Hill.

Somehow I was in line behind the queen to be in the parade! As least my truck was cleaned but I was unshaven and way under dressed.

A cop saw the obvious mistake and flagged me away. So I settled for the inferior grocery store Food Lion.

So it’s going to be peanuts, Bubba Burgers with cheese and Michelob Lights on the menu tomorrow. That is the perfect gut bomb menu for sure.

I pulled in back at the ranch to pack for tomorrow and my father in law yells, “Hey Reg, I’m watching the game on TV tomorrow. Be sure to wave”

I smiled and chuckle in acknowledgement at his attempt at humor.

Then he says, “Be sure to wave”

Ha ha I’m thinking.

Again he says, “Reg be sure to wave”.

Once again I smiled and chuckle in acknowledgement at his attempt at humor.

It ain’t that damn funny once. Why repeat a half baked attempt at humor three times to reveal without doubt that the humor is lame?

I smile and laugh and all that crap for the third time.

Maybe he thinks he is poking a new funny at my brain every time he says it?

I’ve wasted the rest of the day watching college teams with bad uniforms. Tennessee has a solid orange uniform with a big T. How creative. No wait, I saw Rutgers last night. Bright red uniforms with a big R.

Guys go out and hire somebody to create an image and logo please?


Peach Pod said...

Reggie Darlin', you know our FIL can't remember what he has said 5 minutes ago. I almost lost it when he asked me 3 times on the way to the bus station if my Mom and Dad got their house fixed yet from the hurricane. This is about the 100th time he's asked in the past year. Their house has been fixed for about 8 months!

mr zig said...

dude that blog entry made me pee a little - I especially liked that part where you were sucked into the parade... hehehe

Don Carp said...

I laughed hard, especially the part where you were stuck behind the parade queen! We went on vacation there once, but man, the house we stayed at could've used a really good carpet cleaning

Ah, the joys of vacations!