Drop Boxes

I hate drop boxes when I fill out forms on the Internet. They are not doing me a favor at all.

First of all, there is a country drop box and it starts with Afganistan. Who in the hell lives in Afganistan that would possibly be ordering anything that off of the Internet?

It takes me two seconds to punch in USA. Instead I have to scroll down through insignificant countries to find USA. Why not just have developed countries if you must have drop boxes?

Then there is the State box. It takes one second to punch in NC. Instead I end up first with ND and no one lives there.

You are not doing us favors web masters by having drop boxes.


Ali said...

Hmmmm, I hope when you said you had to "scroll down through insignificant countries" that you weren't referring to Canada! Hmmm? :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No, of course not. Canada is a very real country. I was in Canada once and it was quite nice. It was summer. You and Zig live there so I know it's real. My horse High Cotton is Canadian, damn I just realized that!

However how many people from Libera are going to order something from Lans End yet they have Liberia on their drop box.

Ali said...

Hee, Hee, I was just teasing, I know you said that your horse that gets "romantic" in the fall is from Manitoba.
Your horse's name is High Cotton? I love it, it's perfect.