New Food!

Eating food is a daily passion and struggle to keep weight off. Anytime I find a new food that is wonderful I’ll past it on to you as a public service.

I love oatmeal. I always have.

I prefer the slow cooked method which tastes better to me. I’ll eat the instant stuff in a pinch but it’s really too mushy for me.

So the other day I’m having a mature middle aged conversation with my friend Jim about how I love oats. He asked if I have ever eaten McCann's steel cut oats.

"Why no!" I said, "Tell me more."

He said they come in a tin, they are expensive but they are the real deal.

I bought a tin and cooked up a batch yesterday. Oh my, they are wonderful!

Gigi ate two bowls, Haley ate one bowl and I ate my fill. I am making another batch right now for my prename breakfast.

You must try McCann’s steel cut oats. They are about $6 but are in a league all their own.


Anonymous said...

We been eating this real oatmeal for years! it's a "CA old fart thing"
Oh and yes Cline Old Vine Zin is one of Hanks favs