Weekend Ramblings

It was a rather lazy weekend or what part of the weekend that has passed thus far.

I anticipated our excavation guy to show Saturday morning. We received a 15 ton load of crushed gravel a few weeks ago and were waiting for dryer times to spread the gravel.

He called the night before and asked me to tear down part of the fence by morning so he could get his small dozer in the corral area.

His morning turned out to be 2 PM. I watched as he scooped out the mud and replaced the mud with a nice layer of crushed blue stone. I hope this will keep us dry this winter.

Meanwhile my buddy Thomas showed up to watch the USA play Europe in the Ryder Cup. It was our plan to fire up the High Definition TV, drink a pile of my home brew beers and watch the US kick butt. We did all that except the kick butt part, Europe at our lunch and carried through on Sunday.

Gosh golf is humbling.

The horses showed up for supper around 6 PM and refused to walk across the crushed gravel. You would think they saw hot coals. I hooked our big boy cotton from Canada up and he bravely followed me, then bucked and slowly walked to his stall. The two girls watched from outside the corral.

Gigi suggested I throw grain in their feed buckets. As soon as I did a stampede ensued.

Gigi has good horse sense.

I bought a pumpkin last week on my trip to Chapel Hill. It is a fine pumpkin and is very large. I guess this would be my 50th pumpkin since I have had one every September of my life. I just love the way pumpkins look, the way they make me feel about fall, and the smell inside takes me back to childhood days of carving a jack-o-lantern.

Gigi makes fantastic pumpkin pies.

I spent the first hour this morning checking and repairing the horse’s electric fence and feeling guilty about not going to church. Gigi and I said we were going to visit a new church but lost the motivation when the time arrived.

So I was thinking about Jesus and him being a carpenter and it dawned on me that there isn’t much wood in the Middle East. How could he and his father be a carpenter in a place where there wasn’t any wood to speak of? Seriously, where did they get wood?

I went online and looked at picture or Nazareth and Galilee and the best I could tell is that they do have bushes and pretty small skinny trees.

Everyone’s house looked like the Flintstones.

Could this be the unmentioned miracle of the Bible? Or was Jesus a furniture maker rather than a carpenter?


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