Annuals, perennials, over, under, point spread.

My little pea brain does not and cannot to ever comprehend these concepts without thinking. I wish I knew exactly what these terms were without thinking.

When folks talk about annuals perennials I act like I know which is which. In my head I’m thinking, “Just tell me, do I have to plant the damn thing every year or will it come back? Stop using your fancy scientific terms on me.”

When it comes time to bet on a game I have a fit figuring who is favored. Carolina is give up 3 points and the over-under is 32.

Huh? What the hell? Who is supposed to win? I’m not Jimmy the Greek. Speak plainly to me please.

If you tell me someone takes a holistic approach to anything I immediately start thinking about some rutty faced Native American in an adobe hut with lots of smoke and colored beads with leather and feathers and sad music playing in the background. Sorry. Just say comprehensive or something like that.

Okay, close that drawer and let’s open another.

Gigi forgot her Google password. Until she cracks this code there’s no Gmail or any of the fine services Google provides.

Gigi even wrote her very first blog entry but lo, it can’t be posted.

Okay, back to the holistic thing.

I have been to some Native American resort twice in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Damn Albuquerque is hard to spell. I’d hate to be a little kid in that town and try to fill out a return address on a letter. I would rather live in Flint or Denver.

I’m not sure where this was going but it’s a fact that Albuquerque is hard to spell.
So there, I’m finished for now. I’m sure it will come back to me.


Ali said...

You are soooooo Gemini!
Isn't it great?