Black Squirrels

Here in North Carolina we have little scrawny gray squirrels. We have dozens on our property. Gigi calls them tree rats.

Coastal South Carolina has black squirrels and I didn’t know this.

We were playing golf the other day in Myrtle Beach when suddenly a black squirrel appeared to Don and Ty. They were in the woods hunting for their golf ball.

“What the hell is that?” Don asked.

“I think it’s a skunk!” said Ty.

“No, it’s a squirrel” Don declared.

They both came out of the woods with fantastic stories of giant black squirrels with white stripes and masked eyes.

“Yeah, sure” I thought.

About 4 holes later I encounter two squirrels that were as large as a fat house cat. One squirrel was black with white stripes on its face. The other squirrel was dark gray with a black mask, like a raccoon.

And now you know.