Naked Again

My naked dreams are back. It must be the warm weather.

Last night in my dream …. (Tinkling bells and a harp strumming) ….. I was staying at a small house that had an outdoor shower. It was basically a wooden platform with hot and cold running water.

I do not shower out doors in real life and I am not a nudist. I do find showering nude in my dreams exhilarating.

So there I was naked to the world, when suddenly a group of women show up for a smoke break. They were all sitting around a picnic table smoking cigarettes watching me shower and talking among themselves. They acted like I was barely there; like they always watch someone showering at their smoke break.

I was all soaped up so I rinsed off and threw a towel around me and left the area.

That is weird, huh?


Anonymous said...

I bet you dreamed that because you had that post showing Cedie naked getting her bath.

Terri said...

I wonder what Freud would have to say about this? Don't you love dreams? They're so WEIRD sometimes!