Will It Live, Or Will It Die?

The terms perennials and annuals always confuse me. I still have to think about it.

I was at the garden center of Home Depot today. The place was crawling with middle aged women buying flowers. All of them were striking up conversations with me since I was the only sensitive man around. I told Gigi and she got jealous.

I love flowers. I started planting summer flowers in 2003. The winter of 2003 was the first winter that I went to St Croix. One thing I loved about the island was the beautiful flowers that are in brilliant bloom everywhere in landscaping. I though, “I can do that myself, at least every summer”.

So every spring I run out and transform my backyard into my version of island paradise. I set up a watering system for the plants and fertilize them regularly.

Back to the terms perennials and annuals. Today I got cornered by several flower babes and had to fake it like I knew what perennials and annuals meant. I know one means I’ll have to plants it again next year and the other claims it will live and bloom again.

I just can’t seem to put those terms to memory. I only use the terms one Saturday a year, so as far as I’m concerned I’ll just fake it again next year.

My father would be disappointed in me though. He said he sent me to college to learn big words like gymnasium. I can’t figure out perennials and annuals. He was funny.

I was reading one information card today and it said the flower would stay hearty to 40 below. I doubt that. Nothing is hearty at 40 below.

I’d better get out and plant more flowers.


Ali Kat said...

Wish you lived closer - you could help us with our perennial filled yard ;)