Why I Blog

Why I started bogging and why I blog now are totally different.

I started blogging because I am a mental exhibitionist. I like sharing personal experiences with others and I like to make people laugh when I can.

My blogs are, and have always been about my personal life. I work in a highly regulated industry, so I keep business completely separate. Plus, business Reggie is completely different from non-business Reggie. This may and does confuse some people because I have many personas in my life. This is a Gemini thing I suppose.

Some have accused my writing as being narcissistic, junior-highish, or even a hypocrite. Yes I suppose it is. Sorry if that bothers you, that is your problem.

I started blogging as a way to keep my friends updated on what was going on when I was on vacation. Usually this vacation was in St Croix. I get so excited about the build up to vacation that I realized that mentally, I was mostly on vacation before and after vacation. My lightheartedness about my life makes some people angry. I have had plenty of comments like, get a life, or you have too much time on your hands, etc. Sorry if that bothers you, that is your problem.

So, the title came naturally to me, I’m Always Mentally on Vacation and This Makes Some People Mad.

I found that I missed writing about my experiences after a vacation. I decided to give formal blogging a try and soon had a small readership of friends and family. I wrote mostly about my thoughts and day to day life.

Then one day, I decided to search blogger for another Gemini and ran into Ali’s blog. I bookmarked her blog and read her entries every day. I felt like I was stalking her so I wrote a comment of encouragement and let her know I was reading her blog.

She started posting on my blog and my wife got suspicious. (I never told you that Ali.)

Ali and I informally exchanged links and that when suddenly traffic started. So the moral, find a pretty woman with a blog, exchange links and you’ll become famous. No that’s not what I meant to say.

Anyway, her readers started reading my blog, and my readers started reading her blog and we all cared and became concerned about each other. Other bloggers came in with comments and link exchanges.

Now, I blog for the same reasons as when I started. However, the friendship of my fellow bloggers motivates me the most. I think about all you every day. Those that blog about their difficult issues get my prayers.

I love to write something and guess who will comment. Sometimes I write something with one of you in mind.

I get streaks about subjects that come bursting from my mind and I must write about them. Today is an example. I am backlogged on blogs.

So Zig…thanks for tagging me on why I blog.


Terri said...

I'm glad you shared that with us. I love reading your blog and especially look forward to your humor!

Ali said...

LOL - even your description of the whole process makes me laugh!
Thanks for the compliment, it totally made my day - but now I feel terrible for Gigi being suspicious. Awwwwww.
I am SO glad that you started reading my blog, and finally left a comment - because your blog is one of my favourites, and I love the way you think, and then the way you express all your crazy thoughts - I'm sure it helps that I'm fluent in Gemini!

Peach Pod said...

ali, it's totally true. Gigi and I just knew you were some stalker chick hunting Reggie down! We feel really bad about it now and more than a little silly, but it was when you used to have the sexy photo of you with your big, beautiful eyes peeking over your arm, looking very much like a Net hussy!

Ali said...

Net hussy? Aw geez...I think I'm going to go crawl under a rock...

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yeah, both Gigi and Sharon think I’m some old dumb guy vulnerable to stalkers 3,000 miles away. I have females locally that read my blog and nothing is said. It was the dreamy eye picture you used to have that brought out their wrath and caution.

Gigi said...

Well Ali,now that I know you it seems ridiculous! But you know how 'naive' men in general are about some 'womens' ways' :)!!
Just always err on the side of safety if in doubt...& then kill the A**H**E...!!Or better yet Penieless & Penniless!! I don't worry that much about Reg though,cause if he is messing around on me....let's just say he is kept busy at home : ) !!

Ali said...

LOL - Gigi, you are so awesome! I can't wait to meet you - and I promise to keep my damn eyes to myself when I do. ;)

Gigi said...

Ali,the feeling is mutual!We can curse like sailors & have a blast!
I'll never forget driving in Charlotte one time w/my Dad & somebody pulls out in front of me & then turns..AAAHHHH! Needless to say I called Her some choice words w/o thinking about my Dad's 'delicate ears',He looked @ me like I had horns on my head & being the 'devoted' Catholic that He is said I needed to say several Rosery's to 'Cover my A**!!!Just the memory makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

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