They’re Back!

Last night Gigi drove to our vet’s house to pick up some pain medication for Lady. Our horse vet is a woman that lives even further our in the country than we do. She has more animals than we do too. She even has chickens!

For years I have wanted chickens of my own. We have no neighborhood restrictions on chickens. Our covenants say only, “no cloven foot animals”. That rules out cows, goats, and pigs. I would like a goat because I like goat meat, but Gigi wouldn’t allow me to raise a meat animal even if a goat was legal.

Anyway, this lady had 40 free ranges “of sorts” chickens. I say sort of free range chickens as they run around during the day but sleep in a coop at night. Oh lucky lady.

So Gigi returns last night with a big plastic bag full of fresh chicken eggs. Oh Glory! I love real farm fresh eggs. These are nothing like you get at the store even if they claim they are organic or free range.

Last night I tossed and turned thing about some slowly soft scrambled eggs and toast.

This morning I took four eggs out to scramble just for me. None of them was a standard size Grade A egg. One egg was tiny and a spotted brown. One was small and white. Two others were medium and the most beautiful brown color.

I cracked them and the yolk was a rich deep yellow. I slowly cooked them to perfection. I must say that fresh farm eggs are in a league of their own.

As I’m eating my breakfast I see the first humming bird of the season looking for one of our feeders.

I screamed, “Gigi, the hummingbirds are back!”

Gigi jumped into action and began to mix up her now world famous concoctions for hummingbirds. I think she even put hummingbird vitamins in there.

Someone once told me that hummingbirds migrate on the backs of Canada geese. I’m nut sure about that.

Oh man I ate too many eggs.


Terri said...

I'm curious about the eggs now. Last summer, our next-door neighbors had chickens in a trailer in their driveway to take to the county fair. Their little girl was walking around the neighborhood trying to give away fresh eggs. We couldn't turn her down because she's so unbelievably cute, but couldn't bring ourselves to eat the eggs, having never had FRESH eggs. Next time...

Peach Pod said...

What's Gigi's hummingbird food recipe? I want to make a batch tomorrow. I saw my first ever hummingbird in our yard yesterday and of course I have to get a feeder now!

Gigi said...

First of all for all you 'Hummingbird Lovers' ,do not bother to buy the 'fancy pants' hand blown cool ones;they hate them & I have never once had a HB feed off them! Just go & get a much less expensive Glass w/red Plastic top & bottom; they love those! Always use Real Sugar & just add water & a drop of red food color until they find you as a 'regular' feeder. Once they find you & you keep good fresh food for them they will stay w/you & come back year after year!And,they even remember EXACTLY where you hung them year to year.I saved one that had gotten stuck in a closed flea market bldg for several days, evidently & fed him out of a spoon until He/She got their strength back(not long,an hour or so). What is weird is he had a strange shape(little pot belly) not like our usual visitor's & He still comes back & has family too!Okay the recipe is:

1 Cup Sugar
3 Cup Water
HB Vitamins(if u want)
1 drop red food color
I have a 4 Cup liquid measuring cup that I use & just put sugar in,add water & vitamins & color & mix until sugar disolves,it only take a minute & this is enough for 2 feeders.They love it REAL sweet! And also remember especially during the hot Summer to change out regularly or it will ferment & you'll get some mildew(a old toothbrush comes in handy)& Drunk HB's!!!
It is so cool because you can watch them feed & then follow them w/your eyes or binoculars & see them perching on the tree's;they are so cute!!

Gigi said...

Oh Lordy, something else for me to feed & de-poop :)!! Though you know I'd do any ole' thang for you,Sugar :)!!