Good Dog Food is Hard to Come By

I love dog food these days. We, or I should say Gigi, has been cooking our dogs food ever since the last dog food debacle.

As you may have heard, a Canadian company makes the majority of dog food distributed in North America. It seems that they bought some contaminated wheat gluten from China. This gluten contaminated the dog and cat food and resulted in kidney failure in about 30% of the dogs and cats that ate the food.

So now Gigi cooks dinner for the dogs every day. She doesn’t cook dinner for me or the cats…just the dogs. The cats are apparently disposable. Gigi said I can fend for myself.

What she cooks is incredible. Typically Gigi will cook low fat hamburger, pasta, mixed vegetables, all seasoned with garlic and anything else she can think of. She alternates pastas and meats. Last night Gigi cooked two beautiful chickens for the dogs. The house smelled wonderful! I ran over to pick at the chicken and it resulted in a hand slap and scolding.

I have tasted this concoction and it is both eye appealing and wonderful in taste. The dogs love it and our two fatties (Duke and Peaches) have slimmed down a bit.

Once Gigi finishes she asks me to call the dogs while Gigi “plates” their dinner and garnishes the servings with a variety of dog biscuits.

Usually Gigi makes a two day supply. I have eaten some for lunch before, but don’t tell Gigi.


Peach Pod said...

I've been doing the same thing at my house after getting inspired by Gigi. I had a bowl of the gourmet dog food I had just made on the counter and Monkey Boy helped himself to it!

Chris said...

My aunt used to spoil her dog worse than her two kids. I remember she would take that porker through the McDonald's drive thru for a burger.

Anonymous said...

I used to cook for my dogs, too, when there were only three of them.
With 11, it's a whole 'nuther can of, well, now we're using "chicken soup for the dog lovers soul". It looks and smells like human baby food (haven't tried it myself, though, so I can't be sure. Maybe when you're back down here...). The dogs love it mixed in with the "chicken soup..." crunchies.